Sarah Haran

Sarah Haran

Every Sarah Haran bag is crafted from the finest quality Italian leather, sourced from a trusted eco-conscious tannery on the outskirts of Venice.

Handmade by highly skilled technicians at one of Manchester’s oldest family-run production houses and a trusted atelier in Spain, the entire collection is created using time-honoured, traditional techniques. With over 100 years of industry experience, Sarah Haran bags are in safe hands, and the business feels honoured to be a part of the current resurgence in UK-based manufacturing.

Quality, style and functionality are crucial to Sarah Haran’s success. Every prototype is road-tested for a minimum of six months before being thoughtfully refined to ensure the final product fulfils her origin design brief. Wherever possible, elements of every Sarah Haran bag are customisable to meet the needs of the discerning, modern woman.

Selling direct to the consumer negates the need for substantial mark-ups, and means that is able to deliver an exceptional product for an honest price. Buttery soft, but incredibly durable, a Sarah Haran bag offers you a timeless piece of luxury that’s built to last a lifetime.

Sarah Haran is proud to support the UK’s Social Action Charity of the Year, Smart Works.

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