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Launched in February 2014, the Fashion & Style Directory is the latest creation from CannySites.com – a business proudly based in Gateshead, UK, whose raison d’être is about creating web directories and content that people want to use, click through, and share.

If you’re one of our site’s lovely readers, then welcome! If you have a passion for fashion, our aim – via this site, as well as through our popular Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts – is to inform, inspire and entertain, providing you with a great read and helping you find fabulous fashion items from the country’s best stores. If there’s something you’d like to praise, or something we need to do better, then we’re always glad to hear from you.

Equally, if you’re a retailer, or a web or marketing agency working on behalf of a store, our aim – by building a site lovingly designed for humans – is to attract you to advertise with us, helping you showcase your products and reach new customers. Our website traffic is growing all the time, and we have over 4,600 Twitter followers and more than 1,700 Facebook likes – so drop us a line, and let’s have a chat!